Product Overview of the Kamado Joe - DoeJoe Pizza Attachment

KamadoJoe, some may argue it's the ultimate all round BBQ, combining a quality build with heaps of accessories and features.

One of these accessories is the DoJoe. To give you guys a better insight, Richard at Log Load BBQ took one for a spin on a rainy summers day in Cornwall.

The DoJoe comes in 2 sizes, the Classic DoJoe, designed to fit all versions of the KamadoJoe classic and the big Joe DoJoe designed to fit all versions for the Kamado Big Joe.

The DoJoe coverts your ceramic grill into a fully functioning charcoal fired pizza oven, perfect for entertaining friends and family.

The aluminium body creates a seal within the BBQ, which maintains a consistent cooking temperature, providing a perfectly even cook for your pizzas. With a fully loaded charcoal basket you'll be churning out consistent pizzas for a couple hours with very little temperature fluctuation.

The double layered ceramic stones, provide a restaurant grade crispy base to your pizzas.

With the DoJoe fully fired up, sat at 600F, you'd expect a pizza to take around 5 minutes to transform itself into mouth-watering circle of cheesy goodness (or whatever topping you choose to put on).

Richard says "After taking the DoJoe for a spin, I'm struggling to see myself cooking pizzas any other way, so simple to get it up and running and once it's hit temperature, it's in autopilot, there's no need to manage temperature from then on.... Well at least for a couple hours. It's the ultimate tool for entertaining the family and friends!"

Richards tips:

Fully load your KamadoJoe with charcoal before you begin

Allow the ceramic grill to hit 600F before you insert the DoJoe

Sprinkle prep board with semolina flour to roll the dough out on, it gives an amazing crisp to the base and prevents sticking

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