WWOO - The modular outdoor concrete kitchen that fits any garden

We are the official South West supplier of WWOO kitchens.

Modern, hardwearing and functional all year round. It's simple but stylish design makes it easy to maintain even through those tough winter months the UK likes to throw at us.

Creating a space that allows you make the most of your time outdoors, relaxing with your family and friends, staying warm and cooking some seriously good BBQ.

Available in anthracite dark grey or light grey concrete, this outdoor kitchen solution provides the perfect balance between nature and style!


Function, Style & Endless Possibilities 

There are no limits when it come to WWOO outdoor kitchens. Everything from built in fireplaces, wooden storage boxes, BBQ integrations, all the way through to the kitchen sink, these kitchens have a large range of add-ons and accessories that can be positioned to suit your brief.

Design your ultimate outdoor kitchen, based on your style, space and budget.


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